Sonoma County Republican Party
Post Office Box 3555
Santa Rosa, California 95402
(707) 542-7066


13 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Diane Green says:

    I am a social studies teacher at Windsor High School. A number of years ago I contacted your organization to request 30 voter registration forms. They lasted a long time but now I am out. I like to give these to my students to celebrate their 18th birthdays, and would really like to keep this up since we have an election coming. Would it be possible to send them again? I understand if it is not, just thought I would check.
    Thank you,
    Diane Green
    Social Studies Dept.
    8695 Windsor Road
    Windsor, CA 95492

  2. Jeanne Seefeldt says:

    The phone number you have posted on this site for the Sonoma County Republican Party has been disconnected??? Ok…

  3. Pat Vanderbush says:

    I’m willing to put in some time working and can do 1 day a week this summer. Pat Vanderbush

  4. Don Cobb says:

    Thank you, Pat! I’ve turned your phone number and email address over to our Chairman Elissa Wadleigh. I look forward to meeting you soon! God bless America!

  5. d. kurzon says:

    is the republican or con servitive parties still active in calif.?if it is please let me know. i’m a retired truck driver who has been in ca. since 1946 off and on who sees the golden state becoming the gimme state!

  6. sherrill says:

    what is involved in volunteering to work on election day at the polls? I would like to help but I’ll be gone a big chunk of Oct, can’t get to a bunch of classes or meetings if that is required for being a poll attendent.

  7. Don Cobb says:

    You can register at the Registrar of Voter’s office in Santa Rosa. Good luck! I’ve signed up for the last 4 election cycles and they haven’t found a place for me to help yet, but I will keep signing up!

  8. terry says:

    I was raised democrat.Then I reg.& voted GOP. I have not registered since I moved here! AND KNOW I WILL REGISTER AS INDEPENDENT & TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO DO THE SAME/BOTH SIDES SUCK !!!!! do your job/no work no pay!!!

  9. Mark J. Carpenter says:

    I agree that both sides suck, that is one of the reasons I got involved in the Republican Party, to try and change it. I used to be registered decline to state, but realized that it left me out of the political process that I wanted to change, and that was not possible. The rules are made by those that show up. There are a lot of us that feel like you, but we need more of those people to get on board and help.

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