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 February 16, 2012

Elissa Wadleigh            The Sonoma County Republican Party is under new management!  At its regularly scheduled meeting for the month of February, the Party’s Central Committee chose Ms. Elissa Wadleigh to serve as its Chairman.  Ms. Wadleigh was elevated to the leadership position primarily due to her diverse experience as a creative and energetic political organizer, known for her achievements in assembling volunteers and bringing them into grass roots politics, and providing leadership for local, statewide, and national campaigns.

Ms. Wadleigh was elected to complete the 2011-2012 term of the former Chairman, Mr. Matthew Heath, who resigned last October due to work conflicts.  She had been serving as the First Vice Chairman and Political Director of the Party since January, 2011.

In her inaugural comments, Ms. Wadleigh pointed to the need to give a high priority to building the Republican Party presence in the County and its effectiveness as an alternative to the virtual one-party dominance which characterizes Sonoma County politics.  The key to gaining presence, she pointed out, is to improve the Party’s lines of communication with the tens of thousands of registered Republican voters in the County and to conduct an effective outreach to independents and disaffected Democrats who are seeking a sensible option to the prevalent tax-and-spend mentality in government.

Ms. Wadleigh is an insurance agent in the City of Sonoma.  For further information please contact her at: (707) 228-8331.

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